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Novorama c'est avant tout un webzine mais également une émission de radio qui traite chaque semaine de l'actualité de la scène indie rock, pop électro avec des chroniques et interviews.

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La playlist de l'émission :
Caribou - Never Come Back
Holy Fuck - Luxe
Red Axes - Sticks And Stones
Lido Pimienta - Te queria
The Orielles - Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)
Brendan Eder Ensemble - To Mix With Time (feat.Adam Ratner)
Wajatta - 'Don’t Let Get You Down
Plone - Sunvale Run
Vinyl Williams - LA Egypt
Moodymann - Do Wrong
Baths - Mikaela Corridor
Pantayo - Heto Na
Little Dragon - hold on
Photay - The People


Playlist de l'émission :
Luke Titus - Soft Serve
Luke Titus - I’ll Be Here
Hachiku - I’ll Probably Be Asleep
Hachiku - Bridging Visa B
Urlaub in Polen - Impulse response
Urlaub in Polen - Proxy music
Whomadewho - Shadows of doubt
Whomadewho - Sooner
The Moore - The Moore U Give The Moore U Get
I.L.Y.A. - I Eat When I Freak
Tender Tones - Red Lovers
CBKtrxx - The Beach
Slackers Paradise - Work
Nazar D - Restless


La playlist de l'émission :
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Intrasport
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Honey
Dirty Projectors - Lose you love
Dirty Projectors - Self Design
Thaba - Old Tapes
Thaba - Vaya Le nna
WL - Water's On My Side
WL - Ganzfeld Light
IK-EY - For You
Sketch Club - Futile Pursuits
Yumi And The Weather - The More I Hear the Less I Believe
Astronomers of the Strange - A Ribbon on Your Loneliness
Doll Klaw - Inside
samo.samo - Forreal
Linion - Oh Girl (Remix by DJ Wei)


La playlist de l'émission :
Yukon Blonde - Get Precious
Yukon Blonde - It's What You Are
The Green Child - Low Desk / High Shelf
The Green Child - Witness
Molchat Doma - Utonut'
Molchat Doma - Otveta Net
Panaviscope - Tigers as friends
Panaviscope - Like the sun
daste. - either way
Tim Atlas - Wallflower
Holy Dances - Hard to Know


La Playlist de l'émission :
Billy Nomates - No
Billy Nomates - FNP
Tunng - A Million Colours
Tunng - The Last Day
Loma - Half Silences
Loma - Breaking Waves Like a Stone
Heather Trost - Love it Grows
Heather Trost - Jump in the fire
David Thompson - Time
Leisure - Eye 2 Eye
BNDT - Infectious ( E for Love)
Skizzo Franick - Sunbounce


La Playlist de l'émission :
Wagon Christ - Hello
Wagon Christ - Alright
Oneohtrix Point Never - Long Road Home
Oneohtrix Point Never - I Don’t Love Me Anymore
Slow Pulp - Idaho
Slow Pulp - Falling Apart
Drinker - Stay (Remix by Porches)
Lost in Tropez - None Left
HSRS - Miles
CØPE - Summer Dreams
Marsupial Lion - The Shoehorn King


Playlist de l'émission :

Actress - Loveless (feat. Aura T-09)
Actress - Turin (feat. Aura T-09)
Kölsch - Shoulder of giants
Kölsch - Remind You
Ela Minus - el cielo no es de nadie
Ela Minus - megapunk
Helena Deland - Someone New
Helena Deland - Dog
Rasca - Wild
MEMES - So What?  
Yummm - Hypersex
future.exboyfriend - Happy to Pretend
Spence - Standby (Dnt Luv U)
Cat and the Queen - Major Sea (Remix Odale Cooper)


Playlist de l'émission :
Sevdaliza - OhMy God
Sevdaliza - Darkest Hour
Crack Cloud - The next fix
Crack Cloud - Ouster Stew
Thiago Nassif - Soar Estranho
Thiago Nassif - Plastico
Naked Roommate - Je Suis Le Bebe
Naked Roommate - Repeat
JK Soul - I Don't Run
Justy - Cool
Dossel - Lembrança de Céu
Charlie Boulala - Drifting Away

Dance Yourself Clean - Something's Changed

La playlist de l'émission :

Meridian Brothers - Puya Del Empresario
Meridian Brothers - Cumbia Del Pichamán
Genevieve Artadi - Godzillaaaa (feat. Real Bad Man)
Genevieve Artadi - Hope Song
Kelly Lee Owens - On
Kelly Lee Owens - Melt!
Impedance - Madness  
Myoon - Shining Light
Spectoral feat. Kathana - Daisy Lane
Ape Suit - Had to Be
Petit Prince - Endors-toi
Petit Prince - Chine Chinois

FrankySelector - She's So Carefree


La playlist de l'émission :
Caribou - Home
Caribou - New Jade
The Orielles - Bobbi’s Second World
The Orielles - 7th Dynamic Goo
Angelica Garcia - Karma the Knife
Angelica Garcia - Guadalupe
Tycho - Easy
Tycho - PCH
Space Dukes - Blast
Sangit - turn your head to the light
Cyamo - electricity
Jimi Jules - end of the world


La playlist de l'émission :
Tame Impala - Breathe Deeper
Tame Impala - Is It True
The Heliocentrics - Hanging by a thread
The Heliocentrics - 99% Revolution
Cheerleader - Flight Tonight
Cheerleader - Non Stop Flight
Rejoicer - Third Eye Jungle Run
Rejoicer - Lemons
Russell Louder - Hello Stranger
Angara - drive
Ozferti - space-gurage

World Wild Web - magic plastic
La playlist de l'émission :
Alex Ebert - Miracle
Alex Ebert - Her Love
Steve Spacek - Rawl Aredo
Steve Spacek - Waiting 4 You
Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - Texas Sun
Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - C-Side
Wild Nothing - Blue Wings
Wild Nothing - Foyer
Panaviscope – Talking To Flowers
Otherliine - One Line
Sotomayor - Sin Control Master
Prophet - Be the One for You
Prophet - Think About It
Poliça - Driving
Poliça - TATA
Andras - River Red
Andras - Honeybird
Agar Agar - Lunatic Fight Jungle (LeonxLeon remix)
Yuma Guma - Coming For You feat. Rhyme
Later - don't you know
Melatonin - Mumbo Jumbo
Ganache - Pala
Monolithe Noir - Blinded Folded (feat.Rozi Plain)
Obsolete - the  reason for a road (feat. kalupto)

Dan Deacon - Sat by A Tree
Dan Deacon - Fell Into The Ocean
Wolf Parade - Fall Into The Future
Wolf Parade - Against the day
Destroyer - Cue Synthesizer
Destroyer - The Man in Black’s Blues
Shane Tyler - Crystal lake
Kiara Jones - sober  
Nation - surface
Shane Tyler - Crystal Lake
Hundreds - Ready Shaking Silent
David Jackson - Broken heart
Trikk - Facas

Arandel - Hysope

Free Nationals - Beauty & Essex feat. Daniel Caesar & Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Free Nationals - Apartment feat. Benny Sings
The Chap - Bring Your Dolphin
The Chap - Help Mother
Laume - Spells (Oedipusi)
Laume - Voyeurs
Elliott Moss - Barricade
Elliott Moss - Bodyintoshape
Dual State - run, delilah
Kyrie Kristmanson - andromeda star
Superparka - You
Drop Lone - take me down
Monitors - No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs